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Django-Oscar is powerful and flexible open-source application for building ecommerce projects on top of Django.
Here are some features we have implemented for the projects on top of Django-Oscar:
  • Core
    1. Stripe API integration (direct and recurring changes).
    2. Multi-vendor order processing, split order into child orders by supplier.
    3. Configurable and flexible shipping system available for each partner.
    4. Barcode generation for shipping and inventory.
    5. Multi-currency store and currency exchange.
    6. Partner profile submission and partner moderation system.
    7. Step by step reduced pricing when you buy more quantity, for wholesale ecommerce platform.
    8. Continuous deployment using Ansible.
    9. Real-time chat for conversation between vendor and buyer.
  • Dashboard
    1. AJAX forms for managing large sets of data and media files, instant validation without page reloading.
    2. Quick order submission from the dashboard for creating orders by the store staff by customers requests via phone or email.
    3. Full-text search.
  • Frontend
    1. Custom discounting system for specific user types - loyalty program for given group of users.
    2. Single page checkout - billing and shipping forms and payment on the same page.
    3. Partially AJAX-powered frontend - basket, checkout, vouchers.

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