Flash sales

Black Friday and holiday sales are slowly approaching, so it is time to get ready. Therefore, in the current article we'll review how to implement short-term discounts in the Django project. They are getting much attention on the daily basis, so that we decided to fill this gap in this post.

Multi-currency in Django ecommerce project

Project localization also concerns ecommerce platforms, which requires them to allow purchases in the local currency of the customer. In order to achieve that, developers need to integrate multi-currency functionality into all parts of the platform, that operates with money values: stock records, baskets, orders, discounts, analytics. Since there are multiple moving parts affected by this, so we decided to review it in the details in this post.

Django URLs reversing in JS code

Nowadays there are a lot of projects, using Django as backend for the Javascript SPA frontend. And it finally comes to a question how to reverse Django URLconf in order to make request to the backend. In the article we reveal the topic, including URLs internationalization.