Django is our framework of choice since 1.2.1 version and as soon as we got familiar with its internals, we started to contribute back.

Oscar is an e-commerce framework built on Django, which is standard ecommerce functionality under the hood, and includes shipping system, discounts as well as supports customization of its features, which allows you to build your project based on it in a way you want.
Alexander Gaevsky started to contribute during Oscar sprints on DjangoCon Europe 2015, became core team member in 2017 and then organized his own Oscar sprint two years later on DjangoCon Europe 2017.

Basil Dubyk started to contribute to the Oscar since 2017 and implemented several important features for the Oscar 2.x releases, such as abstract thumbnails, Bootstrap 4 support and others.

Django Oscar Invoices

Django-oscar-invoices — pluggable application which brings invoices generation functionality to the Django-Oscar.

First idea of application was suggested by Joseph Wenninger during Oscar sprint on the DjangoCon Europe 2017 and we were thinking and internally discussing design inside the Oscar core team for quite some time and despite initial Metaclass team intention, django-oscar-invoices wasn't introduced in the Django-Oscar core, but as an external application.

In the end, we finalized it during Pycon PL 2018 and released first stable version and afterwards integrated into one of our projects.