Alexander Gaevsky


He is Django developer with 10yr experience and running an agency focused on building complex ecommerce projects, business processes automation and digital transformation using Python3 and Django.

He has experience building complex eshops, ecommerce and marketing platforms, multi-vendor marketplaces (b2c and b2b), booking systems, custom dashboards, CRM etc.


  • Complex e-shops and Point of Sale
    We can build solution for sales via online shop or/and POS in the offline store, allowing to use same inventory.
  • Ecommerce and marketing platforms
    We worked on various ecommerce and marketing platforms and pretty much familiar with discounts (vouchers, offers, buyer club), multi-currency support and cross-country taxation, social media integration etc.
  • B2C and B2B marketplaces
    We've been working on B2B multi-vendor marketplaces with wholesale pricing systems and complex dashboards, per-vendor shipping and real-time chat for conversation between buyer and vendor.
  • Booking systems
    We worked on booking systems for hospitality domain and photo-equipment rental and know how to determine room availability for given date range or sign rental insurance agreement.
  • Business processes automation
    If you are looking to automate your business processes and none of existing solutions suites you — we can implement a custom solution for CRM, ERP or paperless workflow.
  • Django-Oscar commercial support
    Django-Oscar is a powerful open-source ecommerce framework on top of Django. If you need any help with your existing project or about to start a new one — let me now.


Basil Dubyk

Software engineer

He has 3+ years of experience in web development with Python (mostly with Django).

Some of his skills:

  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 3 and 4, jQuery, React, Vue;
  • PostgreSQL, SQLite;
  • Unit tests, web tests;
  • Git, GitHub, Gitlab;
  • Deployment on Digital Ocean VPS (nginx, gunicorn, letsencrypt).

He is always open to learning new technologies. His personal advantages are responsibility and attention to details.