The team at Metaclass consistently produces high-quality code. They have excellent project management skills and are communicative about the progress they’ve made on each task. The client is very satisfied with the experience and their return on investment.

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Brandly is a platform where companies can purchase business cards for their team in an easy and efficient manner.

Checkout and payments

In order to make user able to quickly purchase business cards for the saved design, we implemented ability to re-order any of the previously created orders just with one button click.
This keeps customer from necessity to follow again the whole order flow: upload a design (or select the previously uploaded one), modify it, enter a shipping address, etc.

Discounts and customer loyalty program

In order to give better overview of the discounts for the staff users we implemented functionality that them to see usage, related benefits, conditions; create and edit all vouchers. Additionally, staff users can create special discounts: e.g. order 50 pcs and get a 15% discount, order more and get a 20% discount.

In order to reward customers that recommended Brandly, we implemented referral codes functionality. Hence, a customers can enter a provided referral code during registration and afterwards claim their bonuses. For the admin users we implemented statistics of the referral codes usage, indicating number of times and customers who used this code.

Also we automatically extract referral code from UTM parameters, which allows to track marketing campaigns more precisely.

Authentication and user-related functionality

The admin of the team can add new members in two ways: send an invitation email with the link to join team or generate "join link" for signup and send it over to the user. We slightly optimized this process so now both methods can be used simultaneously without collisions.

To simplify authentication process for the team members we implemented login with "magic link": team admin or platform staff user can send an email with a magic link to any team member. The platform staff users have full control over these magic links — they can set the number of maximum logins with the link, set expiry date, revoke links, etc.


Initially platform supported US domestic shipping, free of change for all orders. In order to bring worldwide shipping, we slightly reworked checkout process and allowed users to provide international address for the shipping and integrated EasyPost API for automatic addresses validation. We also allowed platform staff to validate on demand any existing address through the dashboard. Finally, to avoid unnecessary calls to EasyPost API we save address validation state to the database, so that we don't validate already valid addresses.

Support and maintenance

To be sure we use new features and improvements of Django and Django-related dependencies the backend part of the project was upgraded to one of the latest LTS versions.
We carried out huge performance optimization with improvements in both backend and frontend sides. This was accomplished mostly by reducing the number of database queries and loading data on demand. E.g. now we keep all lists filters in the state, so when a user go to previously loaded page, we do not reload it.
Since there are still many users who need to use older versions of browsers, we modified UI/UX to make the platform look as expected in older and modern versions of browsers.


  • Improve search functionality (e.g search for orders, teams, users, by direct and related models).
  • Implemented admin dashboard and related functionality for viewing and managing customer accounts, teams, orders etc.