Online crowdsourced platform for listing and trading band merchandise.
We implemented second version of the platform and provided ongoing support.

Product Variants

We implemented ability to add variants to marketplace products on the platform. This change would allow product to have different variations of attributes (sizes, colors etc) and seller to have control over the stock records per each variation.

User Profile

Users were able to upload background images for the headers on user profile page and artist detail page. At the latest stage we aimed to improve UX of the functionality and developed Facebook-like header background image drag-n-drop re-orderding, which allows user to set necessary position for the background image.

Shipping System

We implemented full-fledged shipping system, allowing each seller to configure own shipping policies, similar to popular ecommerce platform, like Shopify.
Seller could create any amount of shipping policies, tight to the country, each of them can have multiple shipping rates respectively. Shipping rates could be with the fixed price or with the weight-based pricing.
After country selection on the checkout page, buyer can select shipping rate, which allows to automatically calculate shipping costs and include them in the order total.

Product Creation

Finally, we revised product creation and made a symbiosis of database item and marketplace product creation on the same page, in order to improve UX and ease of listing new items on the Merchin.
At the same time, we still left possibility to create database item, which won't be sold in order to keep products database growing.

Full-page screenshot


  • Project refactoring, upgrade to Django 2 and latest Django-Oscar
  • Performance optimization in order to improve UX and Google PageSpeed mark
  • Anonymous checkout
  • Products import
  • ActiveCampaign and Gleam integration