The platform has yet to launch, but has already garnered attention from other verticals and may be patented in the future. Metaclass is expedient and conscientious of budgetary restrictions. They are consistently creative, have extensive knowledge, and they care about the brand.

You can read detailed review on Clutch .

Vision Interchange

American peer-to-peer exchange services for accessories.

Product Filters

For the better UX it was implemented AJAX-powered catalogue filters, which allows to filter products by all brands, gender and frame type.

Trade In Process

In order to allow customers submit their frames for the further trade in, we implemented step-by-step process. At the first stage it allows to specify frames condition, brand, packaging etc. Secondly, customer can select partner optics store, to order new lenses for the frames. And finally, user can create account, fill in credit card details and submit trade.
Behind the scenes, on the backend, we charge customer platform commission and create shipping label in order to send parcel for the trade in.

In addition, we implemented discounts for the trade in process, which allow to decrease platform commission amount for the trade in and based on discount benefits, bundled into the Django-Oscar: fixed price and percentage.

Single-page Checkout

For better user experience, we reworked order submission process as well and made single-page and step-by-step, similar to trade in.
Within the same page, it has shipping addresses management and selection, shipping method selection, credit card management and selection and order preview.

Partner Store Locator

Store locator powered by Google Maps API. You me old mucker jolly good sloshed so I said cup of tea cras ble and squeak hotpot bum bag hanky panky gorm lesser nick ed it golly gosh a arse show off show off pick your nose and blow off cobblers fanny around cup of char such arse show off show. With an eye to allow customer find nearby optical store, we implemented spatial search on top of GeoDjango and PostGIS within the indication on the Google Maps widget.

Shippo Integration

We integrated Shippo API to get shipping label creation automated, within the selected shipping providers for the trade in and checkout processes. Also, to get valid user addresses, we implemented instant address validation through the Shippo.

Trade Appraising

For the staff users we implemented trades management, which allows admin user to appraise it — which consequently adds traded product to the platform catalogue and trader gains bonus points for the product, depends on its evaluation.
Afterwads, trader can use bonus points to purchase another pair of glasses or sunglasses.
To keep track of bonus points, we implemented internal bonus points payment gateway and in addition allowed admin users manually consume or deposit trader's bonus points.


  • SendGrid integration.
  • Deployments automation using Ansible.