Complex E-shops and Point of Sale

We can build solution for sales via online shop or/and POS in the offline store, allowing to use same inventory. We integrated bunch of various payment gateways — PayPal, Stripe, MangoPay, Sofortbanking, iDeal, Adyen and so on, improved customer buying experience through single-page checkout and real-time customer chat.

Ecommerce and Marketing Platforms

We worked on various ecommerce and marketing platforms and pretty much familiar with discounts (vouchers, offers, buyer club), multi-currency support and cross-country taxation, social media integration (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc).

B2B, B2C, C2C Marketplaces

We've been working on B2B multi-vendor marketplaces with wholesale pricing systems and complex dashboards, per-vendor shipping policies with flat-rate and weight-based pricing, as well as other types.

Booking Systems

We worked on booking systems for hospitality domain and photo-equipment rental and know how to determine room availability for given date range or sign rental insurance agreement.

Business Processes Automation

If you are looking to automate your business processes and none of existing solutions suites you — we can implement a custom solution for CRM, ERP or paperless workflow.

Django-Oscar Commercial Support

Django-Oscar is a powerful open-source ecommerce framework on top of Django.
If you need any help with your existing project or about to start a new one — let us now.

About The Agency

Metaclass is headed by Alexander GaevskyDjango-Oscar core developer and project leader with more than 10 years of experience, collaborated with clients from US, UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

We are focused on custom software development using Python3, Django and modern Javascript, primarily on ecommerce domain and booking systems.
On the daily basis we develop complex, non-standard functionality and help our clients to build software to buy, sell, supply and exchange goods.
On the other hand, we also keen to support clients with digitalization of their businesses and processes automation, using possibilities that gives technology — either they need a CRM, ERP, intranet or another type of web-application.

Finally, we help clients to refactor, update and scale their products and support with performance optimization.

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Client Reviews

Alexander is an exceptional Python Software Engineer; efficient, thoughtful, communicative and able to draw on a wealth of prior experience to solve problems before they even emerge. Alexander was instrumental to the launch of our e-commerce site implementing the Django Oscar framework and building a business process on the back end that automatically priced 1000's of items nightly to keep us competitive and drive margin expansion. Since then we have grown from strength to strength and know we can rely on Alex as we enter the next phase of our development.

Alexander helped us in the start phase of our Python Django backend.
With his major experience in this topic, he was a great help getting everything live quickly.

Thank you for your valuable work!

I have known and collaborated with Alexander for over 2 years. He is a genuinely outstanding expert in Python- and software consultancy.
During his very first mandate, a successful Python 2 to Python 3 migration, he demonstrated excellent skills both in Python and project management. Later, we were eager to fully integrate his expertise into our company and consequently, he participated both in domain-specific and general IT projects up to today.
Alexander’s ownership of the projects assigned is exemplary, he has proven to be someone you can count on in every circumstance and task. His ability of critical thinking and problem solving, while remaining unflappable, makes project processes smooth and guaranteed completion within established time frames. His easy-going personality and approachability obviously make collaborations professional yet stress-free.
As a team member, Alexander (Sasha) Gaevsky earns my highest recommendation.

Working with Alexander has always been a pleasure. He's very knowledgeable about Django, and is a talented developer. He has made critical contributions to many software products that I needed help with. Our collaboration was always fruitful, interesting, and gratifying. I look forward to working with Alexander again in the future.

Alexander (Sasha) and Basil have provided us with top notch service and they would make a great addition to any development Python team that require deep architectural understanding. Both devs follow modern development practices and deliver well-tested and clean code. Our project used FastAPI which they extended marvelously with dynamic Pydantic schemas and beautiful inheritance structure for CRUD controllers, and support for asynchronous testing, just to name a few things :) Looking forward to working with them again on the next project!

I have hired Alex to work on a prototype of eCommerce platform. He has provided valuable insight and built the foundation for the project that we could continue to build on. Even when he moved on to other projects and build his agency, he stayed in touch to check on how things went to make sure our project was successful. Recommended!

Sasha did an exceptional job in understanding our python code base and in creating full fledged cloud based CI solution. He is a very strong team player and a very nice person to work with. We also benefited from his broad experience in several fields apart from the dedicated project.

Sasha supported my team as a longterm senior fullstack freelancer in the development of different React apps based on a Django framework. He always worked systematically, delivered on time, supported and taught the other team members in his domains. He was always an active team member, a reliable sparring partner and a supportive consultant. I can highly recommend Sasha!

Sasha is legend, highly recommended.

Sasha did an amazing job as our backend developer for creating a custom e-commerce platform solution from scratch. His full stack skills were especially useful when it came to integration with UI/UX, frontend development, and system architect design. Implementation was seamless, and we got the project done in record time. He also works great in a team setting and is able to pick up wherever another developer needs help. He worked closely with our CTO as well as other developers on the team in building an intensely complicated e-commerce solution that was completely novel and one-of-a-kind. I would highly recommend Sasha's services. His creativity, software development skills, and overall attentive work ethic/diligence makes him a great addition to any project.

Alexander has be absolutely critical to getting the first stage of a new project up and running. Before starting the project, I only had a conceptual idea of how the platform should work. Alexander not only provided the critical technically knowledge on everything from the base web-framework (Django Oscar) to rapid deployment on AWS, but also active direction about how the platform could work better for the user. Highly knowledgable and an expert problem solver, Alexander is someone you most certainly want on your team.

Alexander takes pride in his work and ensures that he fully understands the problem to provide the best solution. He strategically evaluates the framework to ensure scalability and adaptability to future needs. He sets expectations and exceeds them. Look forward to continue working with him.

Alexander is thorough and knowledgeable, especially when it comes to Django. Clear communication and easy to work with.

My only critique: sometimes it took a while to hear back or get an update. I can't complain too much, because we never set any deadlines or expectations there. Perhaps he had several other clients at the time. But it did seem a bit slow at times.

Would work with Alexander again!

Alexander is a very reliable and solution-oriented developer.
He now has worked about 4 months for us and we are extremely happy and satisfied with his work. Absolutely hassle-free, professional and satisfying experience. I would always hire him again for web-projects!

I worked with Sasha for 3 years and it was awesome. He's fast, responsive and detail oriented. Helped the company a lot with the development of new projects.

I worked with Sasha for almost 2 years on a Django e-commerce project. He's a great guy to have in your team, with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience - a real asset when making technology choices. He's able to quickly get stuck in to a new topic with only a minimal specification, is extremely quality conscious and results oriented. He's always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the development goals are met. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to add him to their team.